Finally, after 15 months of development effort, a suite of 17 Life Skills books is ready for distribution. The development team comprised of consulting child psychologists, story writers, content writers, 3D animators, storyboard artists, content managers, proof-readers, editors, 2D designers, teachers, parents and mobile developers. Considering the amount of quality content that we generated in the last 15 months or so, the team deserves a rich round of applause.

Product development is never easy. Of the thousands and lakhs that get built each year, only a few hundreds survive. You think you understand the market well, only to realize towards the end of the development phase that the requirements have changed or the customers have moved on or your competition has already taken up your space. We have been doing software product development (mobile apps) over the years which usually lasts no more than 4-5 months. A 15-month of content development effort and still staying sane and focused required a lot of determination from the core team. With not enough stake for the consultants coming in, it was up to the core team to drive the entire effort and which they did with remarkable ease and poise. Hearty congratulations to the core team!!

We are happy to have fulfilled pre-orders from supporting customers(schools) who have placed orders much in advance. Within the first two weeks of the soft-launch of the product suite, we have covered schools with a cumulative strength of 20,000 students in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Modest numbers but nevertheless a great start for the product and the startup.

Here’s a quick view of our product Infomercial:


With the launch of this product, we have moved an inch closer to becoming a TEA company – a Tech-Ed Animation Company!

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