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Student Ambassador Program

One of the motivating factors for introducing Life Skills 360 into school curriculum is to engage students and to create awareness amongst them about essential skills. Based on interactions with thousands of students around the country, it has been observed that some students take to our content much more than the rest.

Our Student Ambassador Program is a unique program wherein enthusiastic and highly-participative students within classrooms are identified as Student Ambassadors for Life Skills 360. The identification process includes gauging the students’ understanding of the topics, their ability to think further about the topics, their enthusiasm in helping out their fellow students understand the topics by enacting plays, skits and such methods. Selected students are awarded a Certificate and a Memorabilia as a token of appreciation and encouragement.

Trainer Certification Program

When our Life Skills 360 content is in the hands of ‘right’ set of trainers, the efficacy of the Life Skills 360 Program within schools increases manifold. Our aim is to ensure that the content is taught in a way the students understand and appreciate it the most. As part of this effort, our ‘Trainer Certification Program’ enables Trainers to learn and/or improve their pedagogy of imparting Life Skills using our curriculum content. A detailed and structured approach to the Certification Program ensures the Certified Trainers are equipped to impart our content to students in the most efficient and effective manner.

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Lack of quality skills that are required for a child to grow into a global citizen capable of managing self and contributing to the society, motivated us to develop a comprehensive package that can be readily adapted by schools and colleges. When implemented as part of the curriculum, it can help develop students into confident and responsible citizens of the Country and the World.

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What People Are Saying About Us

“We are in an early stage of evaluation of Life Skills 360 product and we like what we have seen thus far. For the time being, we think the books are relevant and appropriate in the current societal context and have a lot to offer to the Students”
– Principal, G D Goenka Group, Kanpur
“We would like to implement the product in all our classes across all locations”
– Academic Director of 30,000 Students School Group in Bengaluru
“We would like to engage during the product development phase itself and  would like to eventually implement the product in our group of schools”
– Correspondent of 10,000 Students School Group in Hyderabad
“Books are very relevant to Intermediate I and II students, we are considering this product for implementation in the coming academic year”
– Academic Director of 35,000 Students Group (Junior College)
“The topics chosen for Class XI and XII are very relevant and practical”
– Principal of a Reputed Junior College
“The topics for Class XI and XII are extremely good and we will consider implementing these books in the coming academic year”
– Principal of a Reputed Junior College
“The overall quality in terms of content and print is extremely good. It is very important to implement Life Skills in schools from PP I onwards”
– Chairman of 25,000 Student School Group in Telangana
“No such books available in the market right now, extremely valuable content and very good print quality”
– Reputed Book Distributor & Life Skills Coach
“We have partnered with iAdore that has come up with an excellent product on Life Skills. We expect it to make a huge, positive impact on the society”
– Head of a Premier Life Skills Training and Counselling Institute
“This book is really awesome to educate young children about day to day issues which are not available in any academic books but that are very necessary for a child for good mental and physical development. Issues relating to safety with strangers,  importance of siblings,  peer pressures and how to deal competition and many more that parents today are unable to talk directly to the child are conveyed in the form of an interesting story.  And the best part is all these  short stories are in a simple language that any child can understand”
– Parent

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